Essay 3 (aka the downside of a non-lending library)

So I'm pretty much finished with my third essay. It's about 2,800 words (800 over my "limit") but that's not really an issue. I ended up discussing the status of the artist at court using Anthony van Dyck and Gianlorenzo Bernini as examples. I'm actually quite proud of the essay - it's extremely art historical in its style and everything. However, I ended up taking portions of my essay in a different (hopefully better) direction than I had anticipated. So I remember reading portions of my assigned readings and such that defend my argument perfectly but I didn't write them down. This means I will have to get up at 8am so I can be at the Sackler Library by 9am. As there are very few copies of the book I need in the Oxford System (there are 3) and someone, well my tutor, has already requested it, I'll have to beg the librarians at the front desk to let me use the reserved book - which they are supposed to do but some librarians are nicer about it than others. Then I'll add the few bits to my essay and send it off in the morning. Unfortunately tomorrow is also the day that Spencer House (where I live) is having a group professional picture. So I'll have to run back home, shower and dress up for that. Long story short, I'm not a huge fan of non-lending libraries at the moment....although I am, unlike last week, proud of my essay this week.


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