So this week in my tutorial I'm writing about Anthony van Dyck - basically a pretty important guy in English painting, well painting in general really. Since there's an exhibition all about him at Tate Britain we're going to London for tutorial this Friday. We're leaving Oxford at 8am (this will officially be the earliest I've been up in Oxford) and heading to London. We're going to the Tate and to the Banqueting House of Whitehall. There we'll see the ceiling of the banquet hall painted by Rubens - another very important artist. The Palace of Whitehall was where all of the English monarchs lived for quite a while until most of it burned down, the Banquet House is the only part still around. In other words I'm going to London for class and it's pretty flippin' awesome. It will be nice to have class where things happened and in front of actual paintings rather than just looking at images. Plus it's always fun to go to a museum with someone who know's a lot about what's in it - perhaps like my tutor, Yu Ping. It should be a good day with lots of pictures. Although it's supposed to rain, hopefully it won't. I've also found a tour for Stonehenge, I'll be headed there on June 6th.


Linnette said...
May 13, 2009 at 3:03 AM

Class in London, that is AWESOME!! Have a great time!

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