Christ Church and English Ale

Today Tyler and I went to Christ Church, the largest of the Oxford colleges. It also happens to be the college where a decent portion of Harry Potter was filmed or at least based on - the dining hall and staircase are nearly exact (well minus the magic and such). It's quite pretty to walk around and see the gorgeous college and I took quite a bit of pictures, some of which are below. After that we did a bit of a "pub crawl" and I tried my first real English ale (served at room temperature and non-carbonated of course) which, to be honest, was quite terrible. Tyler tells me I'll learn to like it but I beg to differ - it was rather bad. We then headed to a second pub, the Lamb and Flag, and I tried my first cider, I rather enjoy cider. So in a nutshell I tried the two main English "beers" today and enjoyed one while I hated the other.

Before heading to Christ Church and such we did head to Summertown which is about a 5 minute walk from Spencer House. In Summertown you'll find many shops and restaurants - we headed to a couple of grocery stores and the Wine Rack. The grocery stores are quite interesting in that they feature many prepared items that you merely finish at home. Yes, we have many of these types of items in the U.S. but they take up a few aisles here. There's also quite a bit more of what would be considered ethnic food in the states in the normal grocery store here. Wine isn't necessarily cheaper here but you do indeed get a bit more "bang for your buck" as you tend to get higher quality wine for cheap. After my first few grocery store experiences we rode the bus into town to head to Christ Church - the bus isn't exactly cheap here. A one way ride into town is 1.80 British Pounds which is about 2.70USD, and that was about a 5 minute ride - needless to say, I'll be walking most of the time.

You can view photos from Christ Church here as well as a few below.


Linnette said...
April 19, 2009 at 9:15 PM

Great photos! I really love #30 and 31. The fence is very unusual and the building is beautiful. Sounds like you had an interesting day.


cfosl said...
April 19, 2009 at 10:06 PM

Hi, Jason-

Cate Fosl here. Your mom sent me your blog address and I have read your entries with interest. Good for you! What an exciting place to be.

Peter and Eli are leaving Wed for 3 wks in Greece so I am very envious of all of you. Also, from 1 raging liberal to another, I totally understand your joy at being among the Brits. They really are much more humane. I wish you well with all of your goals and I think you are actually in the perfect place to realize most of them. cheers!

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