Day One

So I arrived in Oxford at Gloucester Green where I met up with Tyler. We then walked to Regent's where I talked with Dr. Robson, whom I had met in Georgetown, then Bob, he's in charge of maintainance, gave Tyler and me a ride to our house. Originally I was going to have lunch at Regent's but I ended up arriving too late for that to happen. I quickly threw my things in my room and Tyler and I headed out. We walked around Oxford a bit and stopped at a sandwich shop for lunch. But before that we went to the Oxford University Press Bookshop - basically my inner-academic died and went to heaven. I ended up buying three "Very Short Introductions" (if you don't know what those are, you should Google them - they're great). I bought one about Dada & Surrealism, Contemporary Art and Globalization. After that we went to Stanley Road House (the other house where Georgetowners live) to grab Tyler's things so we could move him back to Spencer House (our house). In a nut shell, Spencer House is much, much nicer than Stanley. There's free laundry, free printing, an extremely nice kitchen (fully stocked kitchen) and free wireless. I also ended up with my own room, which was very unexpected. It's a rather gloomy day today (I'm told this is a bit odd for this time of year) but I did take a few pictures while walking around. They are below. Just FYI, I haven't been here long enough to actually tell you what anything in the pictures is.


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