Overlseeping and a cell phone

Today didn't start out so great. I've been using my iPod touch as my alarm clock since I've been here, last night it apparently turned itself off somehow (it was fully charged). So I ended up waking up at 12:21 this afternoon when I was supposed to have been at Regents for library orientation at 11:30 - oops. On top of that I had to shower and such and still make it to Regents by 1pm for lunch, needless to say I ended up taking the bus today. I did indeed make it but have felt rather rushed ever since. Good news is that it was no big deal that I missed the orientation and that I talked to Dr. Robson, if I have any questions about the library system we'll take care of them (I'd already figured most of the library system out before today). After all of that, and a great lunch at Regents, I met the last two visiting students to arrive - they are from Carson-Newman college in TN. We showed them around a bit then I headed to Cornmarket Street to buy a cell phone. Skype, while a great thing, hasn't worked the best for me, and other people here, lately. I found a cell phone that costs 9.95 pounds (about 15USD) and that only charges 6 pence per minute (about 0.09USD) to call the USA. That's extremely cheap so I went ahead and bought one. It also gives me a way to keep up with people here, although calling/texting within the UK is quite a bit more expensive. Now I sit here planning out my weekend, unfortunately it's filled with work rather than fun as it's now time to start focusing on the academic side of things. Tonight I'll head to dinner at Regents then most of the American students are going out to a pub afterwards.

My cell number: 07805 118 643 (inside the UK)
011 44 07805 118 643 (from the US - although that would be terribly expensive)


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