The obligatory first post

So first I feel like I should explain the title and the web address of my blog. The title is rather simple - I’ll be studying art history (rather, the history of art as far as Oxford is concerned) in England so it’s art history with a British accent. However, my tutor, Yu-Ping, is Chinese so there’s a bit of Chinese as well. While I’m on the topic, my technical tutorial title is “Early Modern Court Culture” which means that I’ll be studying the art and general history of the courts of Europe. This is a topic that I’m largely unfamiliar with but it does interest me - in other words, I have a lot of reading to do before my tutorial actually starts. Back to the point of this post, explaining my title and such. The web address ( comes from a nickname of sorts I’ve acquired among certain people. “OJ” stands for “Other Jason” as there’s already a Jason around and I was the second to come along.

This is also a good time to get all of my contact info on my blog. The easiest way to get a hold of me is by email. The one I check most often is but, if you must, you can also send emails to My mailing address is the following:

Jason Snider
Regent’s Park College
Pusey Street, Oxford OX1 2LB

Keep in mind that mail takes a bit to get overseas but also keep in mind that I like getting mail :)
If you want to actually talk to me it’s best to use Skype - I’m Jsnider88 on Skype.


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