The start of the journey

Now onto the actual blogging. The trip started off to a bit of a rocky start as my flight from Louisville to Chicago was rather late. The flight was supposed to last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, but the pilot made up for lost time and we made it to Chicago in about 35-40 minutes. I had half an hour to make it to my flight to London, as did my baggage, and I ran like crazy to make sure I’d make my flight. Yet when I got to the gate I found out that it had also been delayed. Long story short, everything seems to have worked out just fine. However, I’m writing this on the plane so I’m not sure if my bags will make it or not. Update - the bags made it!

I was nervous about flying American Airlines and my first flight didn’t quite help calm that worry. The plane, which was a small commuter jet, didn’t exactly give off a safe vibe - it looked rather old and made noises that I’ve never heard a plane make before. Everyone was as nice as could be so I guess that made up for the crappy plane. The 777 is rather nice and dinner (chicken and rice) was decent. Thus far all is good. I think I still prefer Delta but American isn’t half bad.


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